Looking to Upgrade Your Skills?

VAclassroom has launched signup for their 2011 Summer Skill Camp. This Skill Camp consists of eight 90-minute clinics over 4 weeks. Topics covered include mobile marketing, Google Tools, creating compelling service packages, measuring social media ROI, strategies for launching an ecommerce product campaign, Facebook contests, monitoring clients’ social media activity & improving Google ranking with proven link building & SEO strategies.

The 8 clinics will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 3 PM Eastern starting July 5th. Sessions will be recorded & will be available to watch later if you miss one or need to review the material again.

Oh yeah, did I mention there’s “early bird” discount pricing ($100 off) through June 28th? You can get more information by watching the video below or at this link.

Is E-Mail a Secret Weapon for Social Media?

In my daily reading of some of my favorite social media related blogs, I ran across a post by Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist, about email and social media. It’s not “full of information” but I found his thoughts on the relationship between email and social media success very interesting. I thought it might be an interesting read for you also. Here is an excerpt with a link to the full post on Fred’s blog below.

…I remember four or five years ago, people, myself included, were asking if social media was going to lead to the end of email as we know it. In an ironic twist of fate, it turns out that email is social media’s secret weapon. And more and more social applications are leveraging the power of email to drive repeat usage and retention…

Social Media’s Secret Weapon – Email – blog post by Fred Wilson.

What are your thoughts on the relationship between social media and email? Have you found email campaigns increase the quality of the social media presence for yourself or your clients?

42 Blog Post Ideas You Can Outright Steal

During my weekend “catch-up reading” I ran across this excellent resource to help get the hamster wheel turning for blog post ideas. And, since it’s been over a month since I updated my own blog, I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity & share it with you all!

42 Blog Post Ideas You Can Outright Steal

Happy Blogging!

Podcast Marketing Success Strategies

While podcasting has been around for about seven years, there has been a stigma that podcasts are only viewed by Internet Marketers and technology people. Well, that might have been true initially, but times have changed! One of the greatest catalysts for the rapid growth of business podcasting in 2010 has been the iPhone. Waves of people have purchased new smartphones over the last 12 months and are readily downloading podcasts more than ever before! In fact, 70% of all podcast downloads comes from the iPhone, if you can believe that.

Podcasting is a highly portable and easy-to-implement communication tool for businesses to effectively build brand, connect with a target audience and increase their customer and client base.

Of course, business owners often lack the time and skills to effectively set up, produce and promote their podcasts. It is for this reason that VAClassroom has created this innovative and timely mini-course.

Registration is now officially open for the PODCAST MARKETING SUCCESS STRATEGIES Mini-Course.

The two-week mini-course officially gets underway on Monday, April 5, 2010, and is priced at a very reasonable rate ($147) for the first run of the program.

Please visit this direct link to the VAclassroom Podcast Marketing Success Strategies Mini-Course (click the name) to learn more about the course.

And, as always, if starting a podcast is something you’re interested in, but don’t want to mess with the “behind the scenes” part of podcasting, schedule a consultation with me so we can discuss how I can help take that off your plate!

HTML Editor on a Budget

If you do minor editing of your clients’ web pages, html ezines/newsletters or like to tweak the coding in wordpress blog posts & pages but are on a budget, you may only be able to drool over Dreamweaver. Many people don’t know there are options out there other than hand coding in Notepad. Have you seen any of the products from Coffee Cup? I’ve used some of their products and have found them to be easy to work in and far less complicated than Dreamweaver. And best of all, they have a load of free stuff! And, what you do buy from them is much less expensive than their “name brand” competitors! For instance, as of the writing of this post, their HTML editor software is $49. For those of you who don’t even want to mess with code, they have a Visual Site Designer for $49 also. Of course, this isn’t going to turn you into a stellar web designer, but it can certainly make things a little easier for those of us who are not web designers!

Facebook Tagging for Business

Social Media Explorer recently wrote an excellent article about the new Facebook tagging feature and using it for business. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“For a business, this can allow you to stay more top of mind with your friends or fans. When you tag someone, they receive a notification you’ve done so and, thus, come see what you tagged them in. This is potentially very powerful for businesses. As the administrator of a fan page, when you tag someone in a wall post or note, it appears to them as if the business or organization tagged them, not the individual logged in to administer the account.”

Here’s a link to the original article. What are your thoughts?

Virtual Events Training

It is always exciting to uncover hot and profitable new niches to tap into for your Virtual Business. Well, Internet Marketing, Ecommerce Support and Social Media Marketing continue to be very in-demand” services niches and will continue to be for quite some time, I am particularly excited about this new niche emerging in the Virtual Event Industry.

I personally believe that the “Virtual Events” field is one of the hottest avenues to building your business right now, especially in this down economy. The statistics are clear: There is currently a significant increase in the number of participants attending virtual events such as webinars, tele-events, live podcasts and web TV shows. However, there is a corresponding decrease in those attending offline events and conferences partly due to the economy, but for a host of other reasons as wells. The reality is that Virtual Events are more cost-effective to deliver and attend, have the capacity to reach a larger audience and can be re-broadcast for continued exposure.

Businesses are keenly interested in running Virtual Events right now, but many lack the knowledge and time to effectively set-up and implement the Virtual Events successfully. As a result, this has presented a very timely and unque opportunity for Virtual Professionals to position themselves as a “Virtual Event Specialist”!

On September 16th, VAClassroom will be hosting a “must attend” event with Craig Cannings and Virtual Event Expert, Michelle Schoen titled,

“Building a Profitable Niche as a Virtual Event Specialist (Even in a Down Economy)!”

They will be exploring the crucial skills required to effectively deliver Virtual Event Set-up and Management services to your clients.

In addition, they will be sharing some exciting news on our upcoming training program: The Virtual Event Specialist Certification.

So, go ahead and click on the below link to watch a short 5 minute video and then sign-up to receive some special bonus information including more details on the upcoming event on September 16th!

Click Here: http://www.vaclassroom.com/virtual-event-specialist/

I Was in Napa Valley getting drunk over the weekend?! Really?!

I just had a conversation with a client who said she was happy to see that I was back from Napa Valley safely. I was confused and told her I hadn’t gone to Napa Valley. She said she thought she read on her Facebook page that I’d gone to Napa Valley and drank too much this weekend…and she was wondering why I went to Napa Valley for the weekend when I live in South Carolina!

Just goes to show that your clients, potential clients and colleagues ARE watching – but sometimes they are watching someone else! What if that client was totally put-off by the thought that I really was out boozing it up in Napa? What if that ONE message (that I didn’t even post) made them decide to cut me loose as their assistant because of what they THOUGHT I was doing because she was “skimming” her social network updates?

I’m glad she and I were able to have a laugh about this one, but it could have turned out differently. Scary.

Have you ever had something like that happen to you?