Public Speaking and Murphy’s Law

I would like to thank the Lexington Chapter of the South Carolina Medical Group Management Association for inviting me to speak at their meeting today. I, like a large percentage of people, have glossophobia – or, in plain English, a fear of public speaking. This is, however, one of my fears I am willing to address head-on, repeatedly if necessary. (I guess when it comes right down to it, there aren’t many “real fears” I have that I’m not willing to address head-on after a bit of thought…but that’s not important right now.) I’ve had this for as long as I can remember. I was probably ridiculed by classmates in elementary school or something, who knows.

Anyway, moving on … I am re-branding my social media services, so I had ordered updated business cards a week or so ago (complete with a QR code on the back) & had been tracking them on-line for the past couple of days, crossing my fingers they would arrive by this morning. When I left at 11 AM they still had not arrived.

I check the Google Map directions on how to get there (about 35 minutes away). Looks easy enough. Um, apparently not when Murphy’s Law rear’s it’s ugly head. I took the wrong exit.

I had my PowerPoint all done up & ready to go. I get there & the laptop they use for their A/V setup is a Mac. Not that big a deal since the PowerPoint file is totally compatible and will work fine. They have a “clicker” to advance the slides – cool. Oh, but wait … Murphy’s Law strikes once again. I open my presentation & it becomes glaringly obvious that I’m TOTALLY unfamiliar with the way the speaker’s notes area looks on the Mac. Since I couldn’t see half my notes (even with fiddling with the computer during the presentation) I ended up “wingin’ it” most of the way. I’m sure that was painfully obvious to the attendees.

My husband and I have a family cell phone plan & share minutes. A totally paltry 550 minutes for the two of us to share. We are such big phone users that we currently have 3,758 rollover minutes. (Did you catch the sarcasm there?) So, as you can see, my phone rarely rings. Even when it does it’s usually my husband. Since he was at home with my youngest today (not unusual for him, so it’s not like he’d need “advice”) and I was only going to be away from the house for about 2 hours he had no reason to call me unless there was an ambulance or fire truck involved somehow. Murphy’s Law, yet again. My phone rang 3 times in 5 minutes during my presentation! Yeah, I should have turned the ringer completely off, but you know, my phone almost never rings, so I really didn’t think about it. (Oh, and by the way, yes, I’m THAT person who has that Geico “world’s most annoying ringtone”. I just can’t help myself…I’m quirky like that. A ringity-ding-ding-dingy-dong!)

So, I’m driving home … I took another wrong exit.

And those cool new business cards … they were sitting on my kitchen counter when I got home from the presentation.

Buy, hey, at least I didn’t throw up! 😉

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