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Social Media Setup


  • Create account (if you do not already have one)
  • Custom background
  • Bio utilizing targeted keywords
  • Profile image
  • Follow up to 100 users in your target audience
  • Set up alerts for tweets containing up to 3 specified keywords

Facebook Business Page

  • Business profile information (location, web site, hours, phone number, background, etc.)
  • Up to 5 photos in photo gallery
  • 1 custom landing page (tab)
  • Profile image
  • Up to 3 page apps (i.e. Foursquare places, Events, contests, etc. Does not include cost of premium or paid apps.)
  • Link the page to the Facebook Place (for “physical location” businesses)
  • Custom Facebook URL (once minimum requirements by Facebook have been met)
  • Follow up to 10 relevant pages
  • Additional customization can be discussed


  • Complete personal profile
  • Profile image
  • Add your blog to your profile page (if applicable)
  • Join up to 10 relevant groups
  • Request connection with up to 100 contacts using your existing contact list (from your Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.)
  • Create Company Page (if possible based on LinkedIn requirements for Company Page)

Google Profile

  • Bio
  • Profile image
  • Contact information
  • Add other social media profiles

Setup of profiles and related ongoing management on sites such as YouTube or podcasting sites will be discussed during your needs assessment.